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Someone once said that I know not how to rest...

That not being entirely untrue, vast majority of my time I spend creating licensed mascot characters that are used in theme parks, sporting and different marketing events.

In between my main projects I get bookings for face painting and special effects make up. 

In addition to that, I specialise in creating unique and made-to-order gifts and accessories. Do check out my portfolio section to see what I have ben up to these days.

I do enjoy a great deal working with creative and twisted minds and always am up for a fun and interesting collaboration.

After working with me, you will quickly understand that there is nothing more important to me than bringing my best skills to the table and making sure the end result is more than explicit.

Being the human that I am, I find it necessary to develop and grow in all aspects of life. That is the driving force for my continuous professional learning.


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